“Changing the world, one community at a time”

Global Shapers Community

The Global Shapers Community is an initiative launched by the World Economic Forum (WEF) through a network of hubs based in each major city around the world. Shapers are young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to generate a positive impact within their local community.

In addition to its existing community of Young Global Leaders, who are in their mid to late 30s, the World Economic Forum is establishing a special community of young people in their 20s. This new community – the Global Shapers Community – will provide youth with a global platform to shape the future – integrating the personal, community and global dimension.

Through the unparalleled convening power of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is diverse in demographics, geographical areas and sectors. However, it is united by a common desire to channel the members’ tremendous energy and enthusiasm into building a more peaceful and inclusive world.

Global Shapers Strategy

To build a global community of outstanding young people committed to improving the state of the world. With its motto: Shape Your Future – integrating the personal, the community and the global dimension – the Global Shapers Community enables youth to be a voice for the future in local, regional and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.

To achieve its mission, the Global Shapers Community is built on a network of local Hubs located in each major city/region in the world.

More specifically, the Community objectives are founded on three key pillars – Interaction, Insight and Impact:

  • The Community will have impact by catalyzing and enhancing, individually and collectively, fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Shapers will be engaged in projects related to specific challenges identified by the local Hub and by the Global Shapers team headquartered in Geneva. Hubs that do not adopt a Hub project in their city within the first 12 months after founding will lose their status. Hubs need to demonstrate their social engagement in their annual activity report.
  • The Community will be vitalized by the many interactions generated inside each Hub, between Hubs and on a global level. Complementing face-to-face meetings, emphasis will also be placed on the virtual dimension – enabling Shapers to collaborate and learn from each other and through the Forum’s members and constituents.
  • The Community will create value – together with the World Economic Forum – by providing Shapers with the knowledge and insights that engender a better understanding of the global, regional and industry agendas.

To achieve these objectives, the Global Shapers Community will also interact and collaborate with the other members and communities of the World Economic Forum, including leaders from business, politics, academia, civil society, science, media, art, etc.

Global Shapers, Tripoli-LB Hub

Global Shapers – Tripoli LB Hub is a team of change makers who serve the local community in Tripoli by connecting its stakeholders, facilitating their collaboration, and leveraging the city’s resources to contribute to the city growth and prosperity.

Our core values

Tripoli LB Hub team is devoted to induce positive change into their community with a commitment to adhere to the following values:

  • Inspire: to give confidence, spirit, or hope to others by encouragement or being a role model.
  • Develop: to evolve, progress, and create growth by bringing out possibilities and capabilities.
  • Achieve: to succeed, reach, and accomplish personal and shared aims.
  • Cooperation: to work or act together for a common purpose or benefit.
  • Initiate: to originate, launch, and cause action or processes to begin.

*Values are used based on Self Leaders Values Definitions