Global Shapers – Tripoli Hub believes that young educated generation is the hope and shaping our city won’t be achieved without reducing the number of uneducated youth thus reducing the poverty and improving the socio-economic life. For that cause, we designed the JSSP project “Junior Shapers Scholarship Program” to help the High school vulnerable students – wishing to pursue their high school education but unable to do so due to financial constraints – by offering them a full scholarship that covers their tuition fees, their stationary and school books, intensive English courses, coaching/mentoring sessions, career orientation and life skills workshops. The main advantages of this program are the direct educational support of the youth, the indirect financial support of their families, a chance for mastering the English language and building a youth profile with excellent communication, organizational, problem solving and leadership skills.

By donating for the cause, you will help kids from the poorest areas in Tripoli Lebanon to return to school along with building their capacities to be successful university students and activist community shapers.